In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

By the Grace of Almighty Allah


First Dar-ul-Aloom in Calgary,


Al-Madinah Calgary Islamic Centre


has now moved to downtown Calgary


Here is the link for its website


This centre provides the following facilities under one roof;


·         Masjid (Mosque) for daily and Friday prayers

·         Islamic Edicts (Fatwa) Centre

·         Islamic arbitration and mediation services centre

·         Daily separate Qur’an classes for girls and boys (reading and memorization)

·         Separate male and female highly qualified teachers

·         Research and development centre for interfaith communications

·         Islamic studies classes for Muslims and non-Muslims (Islam 101, Islam 201, etc.)

·         “LANGAR” (Free food for homeless and poor)

·         Disaster relief centre

·         Islamic Library

·         Consulting services to families on social and family issues

·         A place for social and community events

·         Free Assistance to new immigrants and refugees

·          Tuition centre for the children attending public school system


Please donate generously. Please send your donations to Al-Madinah Calgary Islamic Centre


For more information please contact Jahangir Chowdhry at (403)-667-1786 OR 403-831-6330